Last weekend, we hired a handy man to fix curtains, fan in Shriyu’s room in a thought that she will sleep in her OWN room, from now on. Though we know she wont, we decided to give it a try. Last night, after dinner and bye-bye to appa, we climbed stairs to go to bed. Little did she know that, mommy is gonna tuck her in, in her room, We played for a bit in her room. I showed her the new curtains, fan and decorations in her room. And I asked her
‘Who’s fan is it?’ and she replied ‘Shriya’s’
‘Who’s curtain is it?’ and she replied ‘Shriya’s’
‘Who’s bed is it?’ and she replied ‘Shriya’s’

Saying so, I turned the light off and put her in “her” bed. And slept on the floor. She started crying loudly and just couldn’t digest the fact that I’m making her sleep alone. After assuring her that am in her room and am going to sleep for few minutes, I walked out of the room. She cried non-stop for 10 minutes. She called out for Daddy and Ayshu and it was heart-aching to see her cry. But I was pretty stubborn and wanted her to be on her own. Quiet surprisingly, in 10 minutes, she cried and cried and cried it out and went to bed. I peeked in after 20 minutes to see her sleeping comfortably in her bed! And it sure got a big smile on my face šŸ™‚

And later it was difficult for me to sleep alone šŸ˜¦ as I got sooooooo used to sleep next to her šŸ˜¦
But am really happy for my girl and hope hope hope it continues šŸ™‚