Ahhh it’s that time of the year! The colorfull dolls, pile of boxes to arrange in staircase-step pattern, dressing up, having friends over, laughter, food and the thaamboolam-vethalai-paaku bags!

Every year, I look forward to buy new dolls, imagine the golu-padi in my mind, visualize it as how it’s going to be formed…So much tradition involved in this. Ever since I came to US of A, 5+ years back, I have kept Golu at my place every year, almost. The one time I missed it was during 2008 when I was badly down with my nausea, morning sickness. thanks to my Pregnancy hormones! And from 2009, I had all reasons to continue Golu tradition, for my daughter, princess – Shriya!

2009 Golu was a special one to me, having my Amma here with us. She helped us a LOT to arrange for Golu, making dhal kolam, cooking for our friends, we ordered some from Udipi…It was a huge success. And in 2010, having a 1+ year at home, I was little concerned, as she wouldn’t understand the Golu & might take off the dolls from the steps or even break them. So I had Golu at Upper level, room, out of reach from my monster Shriyu 🙂

But this year, she’s much more grown up, beautiful Toddler & above all, she can understand when I say ‘ummachi bommai, don’t touch it, Shriya’ She respects my words & obeys me, does namaskaram to Golu along with me, wants to keep kumkumam on her forehead when I keep mine 🙂 So cute!

This year: My new doll added to the collection is my most fav: perumAl & thAyAr set.
And Mahalakshmi doll 🙂

As always, I have planned for guests, friends to come over to our place for vethalai-paaku this weekend. It’s going to be a huge crowd, and we are expecting 40 adults & 10 kids. The more the merrier 🙂 & we love to have them all together at our place!!!

Here’s some pictures of our previous year’s Golu!