Am always a big fan of Elizabeth Pantley’s books. Whenever I read her book, I feel like nodding my head at most of the places & agree to what she writes. Her No cry Potty solution book, though I relate to it much, I still am unable to potty train my daughter. Accidents do happen & I find very less time between dinner-next day’s lunch-preparation & running her to Potty. Even If I find time & make her sit in it, she doesn’t do her job there n says ‘Am done’ and runs off to play with her stuffs. 😦 Sigh!

Few months back, she called for pictures for her upcoming – No cry Picky eater solution book. And I sent Shriya’s photo. Though it was very difficult to get a good one, I finally succeeded in it & sent her one. And 3 weeks back I learnt that her picture got a place in her book & needless to say me & my DH were thrilled & excited & overjoyed!!!

Here’s a pic from her book 😉 Yayyyyy for Shriya 🙂