Watching my 2 year old play with her dolls – is my favorite activity. The weekends when we both are in the living room, after breakfast, me engrossed in my laptop, Georgie playing in the Television, I often take a peek off from my screen and watch her. She will pull her chair towards the choo-choo train-building blocks – pretends it to be a cake, pulls out my car key from the shelf – pretends it to be a knife, starts to cut the cake and sing ‘Haappp bud-daayyy Achooo’ (Achoo – her fav Purple doll). She runs towards me with the cake (block) in hand and in a loving tone, says, ‘eat,amma’. She would’ve got one for her too in her other hand and we both ‘pretend’ to eat it…Simple Pleasures!

Other days, she will keep Achoo in her baby-stroller and waves bye-bye to me, ‘pretends’ to take achoo for a stroll, comes back home and yells ‘Haiiiii Amma’…Simple Pleasures!