December 2011

It was a different scenario at home today. Daddy & Shriya slept until 9 AM as Daddy is on vacation for Christmas. Mommy – being a very hard worker, was up & at work as early as 7AM. So when Daddy was about to leave Shriya at her Daycare, Shriya had a little chat with mommy 🙂

Mommy: Hi shriya, Good morning. What are you doing?
Shriya: Hi Mommy, I had dhudhu
Mommy: Very good Shriya, where are you going now?
Shriya: I’m going to my daycareeee
Mommy: Awesome baby. See you evening. Be good.
Shriya: Okaaayy bye, see you evening

Mommy hangs phone down with a happy smile on her face 🙂 My day is made!


WOW!!! My last post was 2 months back here…Hmmmm was busy entertaining friends, hosting parties, attending parties, meeting family…
MUST come here often & post! 🙂