June 2012

This is the nickname I can think of for my daughter. Her hair is so thick & curly that, after dressing her up & 2 minutes of brushing, her hair still looks undone! Sigh 😦 But when are out in public, I get so many appreciation for her hair, I guess am the only one who is unhappy about her hair.

I was so determined to grow her hair, so that even if it’s curly I can still make a piggy-tail, but going to India in Apr 2012, one of the hottest months to be in Chennai, I had to chop it off. The heat, sweat & dust made her hair more un-manageable :-/ And now ever since we are back to Atlanta, I wanted to grow her hair. To encourage the habit of brushing, tying rubber bands or accessorizing with clips (which she hates!) I keep telling her ‘Your hair is growing, Shriya’

So last weekend, I dressed her hair up in 2 tiny little piggy tails, donned with color matching clips & rubber bands, she ran to see herself in the mirror & exclaimed ‘Mommy, my hair is growing!!!’


Ever since I got her Play kitchen set, she has been playing-mommy, and trying to mime my actions. It is a cute kitchen set with Gas stove, sink, cabinets, even Oven & Dishwasher.
Exhausted from work, I was preparing dinner, and there she was questioning me non-stop about what I’m making. That evening, dinner was Upma & I had some veggies cut for the same. Too tired to answer her questions, I asked her to make her own version of ‘Upma’ in ‘her’ kitchen.
Immediately, she took her pan, added her play food – Carrots, Peas, Lettuce, Tomatoes, added in Milk, Bread, Waffle, Fries (Basically, what all play-food she can grab upon :-D) & said she’s done making Upma. Nah uh, she did’nt stop there, she invited her Daddy to her Kitchen & offered her Upma in a plate & Ketchup on the side. It was so funny but very very cute 🙂

Every evening, driving back from work to home with my active Preschooler, will have some lighter moments. Some are really entertaining to me that I can’t wait to rush home, to tell my husband.
A Train track runs parallel my route, and while waiting for Traffic light, she noticed that the Train was just sitting on the track (It was waiting for signal too!) Immediately, she screamed, ‘Mommy, Look! The train is not moving’ & I replied calmly saying, ‘yes Shriya, it’s not moving’, she answered soon, ‘It needs batteries Mommy, let’s buy from the store!’

Haha that was cute!

Shriya, offlate, is very good at expressing her emotions. She now identifies being upset, happy, sad.

There were few funny incidents for her emotion-expressing behavior;

1. Dad likes to pull her leg & mess with her during their evening play time activity, and one evening, Daddy was constantly making fun of her, she got upset & said loudly, ‘I’m not your friend anymore Daddy, you are annoying me’ & sure to mention, this incident made me laugh to my heartfull.

2. When she doesn’t finish her dinner, it sure makes me angry, but I tell her nowadays that, I’m upset with her. She cannot tolerate me being upset & not talking to her, she will run to me immediately & say ‘Are you upset with me, Mommy?’ & I will tell her to finish her food. And after finsihing she will make sure that I’m happy 🙂 ‘Are you happy with me, Mommy?’ – yes, makes me happy!

3. An early morning ‘I love you, Mommy’ brings wide smile on my face!

4. When we were watching ‘Finding Nemo’, when Nemo was taken by divers & Nemo’s daddy was searching for Nemo, she was visibly upset. She can really understand the emotions & was sad for lost Nemo.

She sure is growing fast 🙂

Kids….these days! Man, she writes up 1-9 & A-F so well in an iPhone App but she doesnt seem to be interested to trace them when I ask her to do so in a sheet of paper! Uffff….And now, she uses computer to play (educational purpose) in her school & one fine evening, she said, ‘Daddy, I want a computer’ 😮

I dragged my memory to my past & realised my days with My computer. It was a luxury those days & I had my 1st computer when I was in High school. My dad wouldnt buy it for general gaming purpose, he was determined to buy it ONLY if it adds value to my higher studies. And we used Dial-up internet connection those days, it sure sucks. I remember touching, feeling my computer when it arrived. Every evening from school, I would run to my room to unwrap it from its cover (yes after every use, we SHOULD put the cover back on – as per my dad) turning it ON, waited impatiently for Windows to load…Those were the days! And now., my 3 year old demands a computer.

She plays in iPhone, iPad and now in need of a computer for her ownsake. It is interesting to witness the speed at which she is growing / learning but at the same time, as a Mom, I’m scared at this speed as well.


Been so long, since I posted anything here. Life sure was crazy, past few months, so much ups & down, trying to figure out the path I want to pursue, anxiety to meet my family, everything coiled up & I couldnt post anything in my space. But everytime there’s something cute, funny, naughty, learning activities of Shriya, I miss to note them down in this space.

But now, I sure am inspired to write more n more about her, as the way she grows, I dont want to miss to record any of those moments! They are absolutely PRECIOUS!

Will be here often from now on! I Promise 🙂