Kids….these days! Man, she writes up 1-9 & A-F so well in an iPhone App but she doesnt seem to be interested to trace them when I ask her to do so in a sheet of paper! Uffff….And now, she uses computer to play (educational purpose) in her school & one fine evening, she said, ‘Daddy, I want a computer’ 😮

I dragged my memory to my past & realised my days with My computer. It was a luxury those days & I had my 1st computer when I was in High school. My dad wouldnt buy it for general gaming purpose, he was determined to buy it ONLY if it adds value to my higher studies. And we used Dial-up internet connection those days, it sure sucks. I remember touching, feeling my computer when it arrived. Every evening from school, I would run to my room to unwrap it from its cover (yes after every use, we SHOULD put the cover back on – as per my dad) turning it ON, waited impatiently for Windows to load…Those were the days! And now., my 3 year old demands a computer.

She plays in iPhone, iPad and now in need of a computer for her ownsake. It is interesting to witness the speed at which she is growing / learning but at the same time, as a Mom, I’m scared at this speed as well.