Shriya, offlate, is very good at expressing her emotions. She now identifies being upset, happy, sad.

There were few funny incidents for her emotion-expressing behavior;

1. Dad likes to pull her leg & mess with her during their evening play time activity, and one evening, Daddy was constantly making fun of her, she got upset & said loudly, ‘I’m not your friend anymore Daddy, you are annoying me’ & sure to mention, this incident made me laugh to my heartfull.

2. When she doesn’t finish her dinner, it sure makes me angry, but I tell her nowadays that, I’m upset with her. She cannot tolerate me being upset & not talking to her, she will run to me immediately & say ‘Are you upset with me, Mommy?’ & I will tell her to finish her food. And after finsihing she will make sure that I’m happy 🙂 ‘Are you happy with me, Mommy?’ – yes, makes me happy!

3. An early morning ‘I love you, Mommy’ brings wide smile on my face!

4. When we were watching ‘Finding Nemo’, when Nemo was taken by divers & Nemo’s daddy was searching for Nemo, she was visibly upset. She can really understand the emotions & was sad for lost Nemo.

She sure is growing fast 🙂