This is the nickname I can think of for my daughter. Her hair is so thick & curly that, after dressing her up & 2 minutes of brushing, her hair still looks undone! Sigh 😦 But when are out in public, I get so many appreciation for her hair, I guess am the only one who is unhappy about her hair.

I was so determined to grow her hair, so that even if it’s curly I can still make a piggy-tail, but going to India in Apr 2012, one of the hottest months to be in Chennai, I had to chop it off. The heat, sweat & dust made her hair more un-manageable :-/ And now ever since we are back to Atlanta, I wanted to grow her hair. To encourage the habit of brushing, tying rubber bands or accessorizing with clips (which she hates!) I keep telling her ‘Your hair is growing, Shriya’

So last weekend, I dressed her hair up in 2 tiny little piggy tails, donned with color matching clips & rubber bands, she ran to see herself in the mirror & exclaimed ‘Mommy, my hair is growing!!!’