Ever since I got her Play kitchen set, she has been playing-mommy, and trying to mime my actions. It is a cute kitchen set with Gas stove, sink, cabinets, even Oven & Dishwasher.
Exhausted from work, I was preparing dinner, and there she was questioning me non-stop about what I’m making. That evening, dinner was Upma & I had some veggies cut for the same. Too tired to answer her questions, I asked her to make her own version of ‘Upma’ in ‘her’ kitchen.
Immediately, she took her pan, added her play food – Carrots, Peas, Lettuce, Tomatoes, added in Milk, Bread, Waffle, Fries (Basically, what all play-food she can grab upon :-D) & said she’s done making Upma. Nah uh, she did’nt stop there, she invited her Daddy to her Kitchen & offered her Upma in a plate & Ketchup on the side. It was so funny but very very cute 🙂