August 2012

Weekday evening,
Me: Shriya, why did you turn the TV ON now?
Shriya: Ummm…because I want to watch it??!!!
Me: Please turn it OFF
She scatters her toys all over the living room.
Me: Why are you scattering your toys all over?
Shriya: because I want to play???!
Me: Why are you making a mess???
Shriya: Momma, you are asking me lot of questions!

*Needless to say, I had to stop asking her questions* Sigh


Yes, when Shriya was born, all my friends and family said the ONE thing, ‘She looks EXACTLY like her DADDA’. There is no one till date, who denied that. And as she grows, I find MORE of her qualities and behavior similar to my husband as well. So I decided to write a post on their similarities in character apart from the way they look 😉

1. I do NOT munch on junk/snacks. Even when I used to work from home earlier, I seldom enter kitchen area to munch on something to eat. BUT my DH happens to be exactly opposite to what I am. As soon as he enters the house, he ransacks the kitchen cabinets to grab a snack. And so DOES Shriya!

2. Both LOVE outdoors! I mean I like Summer, picnic as well but these two LOVE it. By the end of the day, as I sit back exhausted, I prefer to sit on the couch, cuddling with a blankie and browse on my fav channels, but instead of cozing in the couch with me, they will be taking a stroll, enjoying the sunset, viewing the newly constructed houses in our community, talking to our neighbors…