Whoa…It’s a delight to watch my lil one CRUISE 🙂 Yea, it’s a treat for our eyes, to watch the cutie-pie move on her own. Initially she was struggling, but now, the minute u put her down, she’s on her wayyyyyyy. She moves on her tummy, by having her right arm bend towards her chest and move by keeping the right arm support in her forward position 🙂 . Earlier she used to move on her tummy, but it was backwards :-O , yes 😀 , she moved backwards when we were constantly encouraging her to move forward. Hehehehe, poor lil thing. But now, she’s on her own !!!

And one thing that I noticed last evening, was, she is trying to balance on her 4’s. Her knee has gotten little rough coz of that…but all’s for good 🙂

Way to go, Shriya 🙂

Love u