November 2010

I love to take photos and even more love to see them and rewind my memories.

Earlier, it used to be the photo collection of my spinster and newly-married days. The day my angel entered my life, its all about her. On n off, I browse through my photo album and go back in time, laugh, smile, shed a tear [happy tear] as I pass by the memory-lane. And oh yes, I havent ordered photo prints for a long time now. So when I saw this deal in a fellow blogger’s link, I knew it’s time to get some fresh-new prints delivered to my mailbox and I can’t wait to grab them and cherish them. So this post goes to Shutterfly for their 2010 Holiday Cards event!


Yeah, Shriya got her 1st Pink boots last Sunday and she looks adorableeeeee in that.

This is my cutie’s 2nd Deepavali festival. And this year, I have dressed her in traditional silk paavadai’s but stitched in modern fashion 🙂 Here’s a picture of Shriyu in her traditional attire during our Grand festival 🙂

And yea, she loves ‘Phone’ – anytime!

Yes, knock on wood, we have achieved success in putting her to sleep in her own room! Hurrayyyy! How sweet is that, huhhhh

Its been 2 weeks now, since we made her sleep in her own room in her crib. Early November, we moved the crib to her room and placed in a heater and humidifer along with her Baby Monitor. And initial 2 days, when we put her to sleep, she cried, yes. But from 3rd day, she learnt, entering her room is to sleep. And of course, we put her only when she’s sleepy. And she started to sleep peacefully and us too.

Hope it continues forever!!!