September 2011

Ughhhh no wonder Shriya was having loss of appetite, tummy-ache, diarrhea, fever. Poor thing is diagnosed with Shigella bacterial infection. She is taken away from daycare for 2 weeks now, and we are having her at home. It’s pretty contagious, the doctor says. These sort of infection will last for days – weeks, it seems 😦 And the texture of her stools have changed from solid to loose. She often cries of tummy ache, and she has warm temperature.
She is on antibiotics now, to prevent infection from spreading to others. And I PRAY to GOD that she recovers soon!!!

Love you baby! Muahhhh. Get well soon.


Last weekend, we hired a handy man to fix curtains, fan in Shriyu’s room in a thought that she will sleep in her OWN room, from now on. Though we know she wont, we decided to give it a try. Last night, after dinner and bye-bye to appa, we climbed stairs to go to bed. Little did she know that, mommy is gonna tuck her in, in her room, We played for a bit in her room. I showed her the new curtains, fan and decorations in her room. And I asked her
‘Who’s fan is it?’ and she replied ‘Shriya’s’
‘Who’s curtain is it?’ and she replied ‘Shriya’s’
‘Who’s bed is it?’ and she replied ‘Shriya’s’

Saying so, I turned the light off and put her in “her” bed. And slept on the floor. She started crying loudly and just couldn’t digest the fact that I’m making her sleep alone. After assuring her that am in her room and am going to sleep for few minutes, I walked out of the room. She cried non-stop for 10 minutes. She called out for Daddy and Ayshu and it was heart-aching to see her cry. But I was pretty stubborn and wanted her to be on her own. Quiet surprisingly, in 10 minutes, she cried and cried and cried it out and went to bed. I peeked in after 20 minutes to see her sleeping comfortably in her bed! And it sure got a big smile on my face 🙂

And later it was difficult for me to sleep alone 😦 as I got sooooooo used to sleep next to her 😦
But am really happy for my girl and hope hope hope it continues 🙂


It took 2.5 yrs for me to finally bid adieu to Bottles & sterilising 😐 Whew!!!

After we got back from Jamaica, Shriya had awful Stomach virus (…and still going on…) and her nurse adviced NO to Milk & Milk products. So once she’s up when she cried for Milk, I let her cry a bit and try to divert her and offer her bread or banana…TRY, i meant. When she asks for bottles, I said that we left all the bottles in Jamaica in the beach. She is now in a stage where she can think n understand a bit, so since she remembers we taking bottles to Jamaica and we going to beach over there, she can now relate to my words, I belive. Couple of days were terrible, but later, when I offered diluted Milk in a Yellow Cup, she got settled for it.
Later that day, I bought her Soy chocolate milk, and bribe her about “chocolate milk” (the usual Pediasure we give her every night). After few cries and negotiation, she started to drink it from CUP. Holy My!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, every morning, she cries for Milk but says Yellow cup, along with her whine 😛 and Mommy is more than happy to offer her milk in yellow cup 🙂


Shriyu is feeling much better now. Poor thing, the stomach virus took a toll on her. She lost quiet a few lbs and was very sulky / cranky. Before I can whine on the Terrible Two’s, the virus added more whine to it 😐

Though the number of times she’s pooping has reduced, still, it’s not very solid. I’m just waiting for the lab results or a call from her Ped office.

I hope & pray everything is alright with her.

Shriyu is been sick since Friday evening, she has been pooping very loose and watery. Above all, it Stinks awfully lot. It was very bad start on Saturday morning, a bit OK on Sunday but again Monday, it went from bad – worse. I rushed to her Ped and they adviced to keep her hydrated and for Stomach Bug nothing else they could do about it. Tuesday morning dawned pretty bad again & I took her to her Ped again. They asked me to give her samples to Hospital lab for testing.

Thank god she’s hydrating herself pretty well, else, God!!! She hates the taste of Pedialyte and am substituting it with Gatorade.

Am just praying God and waiting for her to get back to normalcy. Poor thing!

We had a relaxing Labor day weekend this year. Sep 1 – 5, was spent on the lazy sands of Jamaica, Montego Bay. Travelling with friend of ours and their soon-to-be 3 was FUN. Shriya & Shravan enjoyed travelling by shuttle to the airport sans car-seat, fast-moving train to get to our concourse, watching airplanes at the gate. The flight attendant had tough time to make these kids be seated with their seat belts fastened 😀 but am sure these 2 brats had fun singing A B C…finishing it by now-I-know-my-ABC, Twinkle-Twinkle, Wheels-on-the-bus. Some passengers enjoyed them while some got pissed off. But Kids are Kids, Can’t help it! They sought help by their ear-phones. Phew!

Once landed, we reached our resort by another shuttle, which the kids – again – enjoyed! They watched scenaries, beaches, cliffs on the way. After check-in we marched in to have some Italian which was excellent!

Day 2 & 3 were sinfully spent by the beach & pool, needless to say, Shriya loved the waters & thoroughly had fun. Day 4 – was again by the pool, activity center. Shriya was liked by all who passed us on the lobby, pool, theatre. People in Jamaica at the resort were so friendly & helpful and made our vacation most memorable one.

Day 5 – was time to leave 😦 Sigh. The connecting flight to Orlando was awful with Shriya’s ear pain during landing. But she did well on the flight to ATL. Thanks to Lee, our flight was delayed 3 hrs 😐 but Shriya was fast asleep to care about all these 🙂

Overall – Satisfied with our vacation 🙂