August 2008

Yayyyy, I went for my 1st doctor visit, although the nurse was dealing with me and not the doctor. My heart was beating more ever since I left my home for Dr visit. Finally, after driving for 15 mts, I was at doctor’s office. My DH came there too from his work place. After I gave my specimen for testing, she called me and checked my BP. It is normal. Phewww! and she said ‘Congratulations! You are 5 weeks & 1 day pregnant’ 🙂 I felt like I;m in 9th cloud. I was all smiley smiley. Asked the nurse for diet restrictions if any. Also she gave me a list of medications I can take for common headache, nausea, abdominal pains et al.

My next visit is on Sep 18th Thursday morn 11AM.  I will be 8 weeks at that time. And it will be a complete check-up with Dr.M.  I believe they will do ultrasound for baby’s heartbeat which I’m longing to hear. My baby’s heart has already started to functioning, I beleive, acc to Internet source. But we can hear it better only during 8th week. Gosshhh, can’t wait for Sep 18th.

In the mean time, I’ve already started talking to my jelly-bean 🙂 . Yes, I’ve named my baby as jelly-bean, don’t want to call / refer my jelly-bean as ‘it’. I talk to my jelly-bean, give a kiss to my jelly-bean and gently pat my jelly-bean and put it to sleep 😛 . I know I sound crazy, that too within 5 weeks of PG’y. But still, it’s my baby! And I love my jelly-bean





Oh my gosh,,,why am I getting so tired and sleepy? Atlanta weather is also very pleasant for the past 3 days. It rains then n there and remains calm & cool for the rest of the times. It is lil cold and chilly outside, so I just feel like wrapping myself in my comforter in my cute-cushhy bed and sleep as much as I can.
Last night, I slept at around 9 45PM and woke up at 6 45 AM. Usually, I get disturbed in the middle of the night for a pee-pee or my DH’s snoring 🙂 But last night, was such a calm and peaceful sleep for me. God!I loved it!!!
How I wish I could sleep again now.WHAT??? AGAIN!!!! yes, again…:-( But alas, I’m at work and gotto work and spend 4 more hours here. I just can’t wait to get back home and sleep, wrapped inside my comforter, which will still have the smell of my DH. Oh, I love that smell 🙂

I have made an apptmt with ob-gyn Dr on thursday 11AM. So, this will be my ever first Dr. visit as a pregnant woman 🙂 And I’m feeling all happy-happy and lil scared that everything should go on well. God save us, be with us always!


Yes, I did HPT again on 26th Aug 2008 😛 , I told ya, I’m becoming more n more HPT addictive 😀

And I got a BFP in my Monday’s test.

All smiles smiles 🙂



p1050720Yes Yes Yes… I did a Digital HPT this morning with FMU and it read ‘Pregnant’. Yayyyyy!!!

I cannot describe in words how happy I’m. Earlier this morning, I could’nt sleep at all. Past few days, I wake up at around 4 30 AM or 5 00 AM…jus turn this side or the other, disturb my poor DH and fall asleep again at around 6AM. This morning, I’m supposed to take my Digital HPT, so it added my insomnia. And my test results were positive. Immediately, called my mom in Kuala Lumpur (eve 6 PM for her) and passed on this happy news to her. She’s really really happy, I can see that from the other end of the phone. Conveyed the news to my in-laws also who are vacationing with us right now. I can see tears in their eyes. And I belive no one else in this world are happy for you except your parents…

I truly feel its my dad’s blessings, which are making things easier, with less tension, for us. I wish he’s alive with us now to share this happiness…Love you Papa, miss you!



HPT results

HPT results

Okay…before even I started this blog, I’ve been writing about my day-to-day feelings and symptoms right from my LMP. So, here, I’m doing a ctrl+c and ctrl+v of those feelings…

Disappointed on Aug 15 2008

Well, my heart knows what I’m disappointed for or depressed for…Hmm, I know very well that this is my first try and C’mon dear u cannot expect result in first attempt itself!!! well, again…my mind thinks like this but my heart yearns for a ++++ in this first attempt itself.

Last week was a horrible wait for me. I was sure enuf that I’m PG this very first time and even started dreaming abt the baby. But, still I know its wat tooooo early to know about the result. So I waited patiently from sat 9th Aug until today 15th Aug. I was telling myself that I will do a HPT today,being Independence day & varalaksmi viratham, auspicious day and all. chumma i will have some reason to justify my action…But this morning, I was very anxious to do my HPT but it turned out to be a BFN  😦

I was pretty sure that I’m PG, as I read in so many forums and websites about the symptoms. And I felt that I have those or may be my brahmai I guess…Symptoms like frequent urination, more cm in the initial days like last week, bbs got bigger, hungry at odd times, nauseated feeling some times, AF cramps, bloating…Hmmm, life is beautiful for everybody. It lies in the hands of the individual, how beautiful they make it and handle it. And I think I’m in a hurry to make it beautiful…I need to be patient. hmmm

To mark it down, I Ovulated on Aug 5th or Aug 6th. So today is my 9 dpo and 24th day from my first day of last period. My next cycle is due on Mon Aug 18th or Tues Aug 19th.

All Smiley Smiley 🙂 on Aug 18 2008

Well, ahem… this title is pretty much contradictory to my earlier one,,,But I have all reasons to be all smiley 🙂 . Yes, I did HPT twice and got a faint second line. For all who say that its not as strong as the testing line, but still I see a line 🙂 . Whoaaaaaaaa it gives immense happiness to see those 2 lines actually. enna thavam seidhen – nu I wanna sing.

I was such a good girl and was patient not to do any more HPTs after I got BFN on Friday’s test. But the girl in me or rather new-mom-to-be-feeling in me, made me to buy some more tests. And my chweet DH bought 5 HPTs for me. As I was’nt sure enough of my results, I got them from $tree. I waited and waited every hour, ever minute, every second of one whole saturday to pass by. And come Sunday, I was getting lil impatient and wanted to test. So I tested on sunday evening around 6PM, waited for my urine sample to be as much as concentrated it can get (about 3.5 hrs) and did the HPT. Got a negative in it immediately and I was damn pissed. When I went down, I did’nt talk to DH or IL and was watching television and disasppointed and hurt deeply. No words to explain more you see…But after a while, I wanted to just lie down in the bed so went upstairs. I was in a rage of fury at the HPT and wanted to shatter it to pieces as I did for the Friday’s HPT 😛 . But to my surprise, I saw something else there. Although it was not a sharp dark line, I still see a line,,,WHAT????? a line?????? a faint-second-line?????? Still ITS A LINE!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeee, I couldn’t beleive my eyes. Called my DH immediately  and showed him and he said YES, there is a line indeed 🙂 . I immediately hugged him and cried, tears of happiness came down my cheeks. He hugged me and said ‘yes, we see a faint-line’. That was a moment of joy I cannot put into words, even though my inner-mind said ‘C’mon, its still a FAINT-LINE, I mean a FAINTTT LINE &  moreover  ur next periods is not due until Monday or tuesday’. STUPID INNERMIND,,, I HATE YOU…But i love u too 🙂

And again I waited waited waited for time to pass by. This is the 1st monday morning for which I’m eagerly waiting for…I dont remember whether I welcomed Monday morning this eagerly in past times…After all, today is the day which will be another important day & moment to remember. Correct? I did HPT with my FMU and again I see faint line, I ran out and grabbed my yday’s test. Yes, It is even more darker than the earlier test result. So…… means I’m moving more towards +++++ result. Wowwwww, this feeling made my day 🙂

Now I cannot wait for 2 or 3 more days to check for a CLEAR ++++ test result 🙂

Yes, I’ve become HPT addictive 😛

Kinda worried on Aug 20 2008

I know its too early

I know line is a line

I know ‘C’mon gurl, you need to have some patience’

But still,,,My mind knows allllll these said above, but my heart still yearns for a BFP 🙂 . Again today’s FMU test gave a faint line, but it is deftly darker and fatter than the previous 2 tests I took on Sun, Aug 17th 6PM HPT and Mon, Aug 18th FMU HPT.

I’m now thinking when to use the remaining 2 of the 5 $$$ tree HPT’s

Jeez….on Aug 20, 2008

Yes, I should confirm whether I’m PG or not with a BFP using HPT. But I stealithy google’d for Due date caluclation & Gender of the baby. It turns out to be a BOY (I beleive its my dad’s re-birth to this world again!!!) and its due by Apr 28/29 2009 🙂

Whoaaaa, need to confirm my PG first!!!

BFP = Big Fat Positive

BFN = Big Fat Negative

2ww = 2 week wait

HPT = Home Pregnancy Test

dpo = days past ovulation

LMP = Last Menstrual Period

FMU = First Morning Urine

AF = Aunt Flow (Aunt Flo)

DH = Darlin’ Hubby