January 2012

This Potty-training phase is like hell, at times. And it feels being stuck in this phase for a long long time now.

Shriya has been good usually when I try to train her. The training usually happens in the weekends, as weekdays/evenings will be hard for me. And moreover, we have only couple of hours before we hit the bed after coming home from her school. The past 1 month has been good so far with respect to weekend-potty-training. She is very comfortable in her underpants during the day time, though she wears a diaper during her Noon nap time.

I read book to her, sing songs, rub her fingers….still, she’s not ready to go there, yet.

Starting this week, she is being in under-pants in her daycare as well. And so far so good, she had only 1 accident. But she is still scared of pooping in the potty 😦 & she was determined to hold on to it for 2 days 😦 It’s been tough so far, running to the potty every other minute but she aint pooping there 😦 I hope, sincerely HOPE I dont get frustated with her or lose my cool or get lazy n put her in diapers in the evenings :-/

Ahhhhhhh, Shriya – you are almostttt there hon, hang in there 🙂 Mommy is there to help you out!!!


Yayyyyy!!! I’m NOT a frequent blogger, well I started / hoped to be one, but could’nt live up to my hopes 🙂 I try to write down Shriya’s activities / developments here, but being lazy offlate I guess.

250 is a great achievement for me! Here’s to 250th post! TOAST ~~~~

Post to be written on Dec 30,2011

C’mon…. we need one before the year ends 😛 But yeah…she had continuous cold & cough for 5 days & even before she went for her Doc visit, I can guess it’s an ear infection.

Hello Amoxicillin… 🙂

Happy New Year everybody!