June 2011

Shriya is a perfect example of Terrible-Two stage. She shows all her tantrums, anger, stubborn-character in this stage. And a strict No-No for F-O-O-D! she can live on anything but food. And I tell my friends that she lives the life of a Yogi by consuming ONLY Juice, Water, Milk and Fruits!
everytime you try to feed her Roti, Dosa, Idly, Rice, Pasta, Noodles – she says a Big NO!

Here’s a pic of her enjoying a plum relaxing in her appa’s lap:


Shriya loves loves loves to play with her blocks. She opens the bag, pours all the blocks out on the floor, picks each one carefully and uses her imagination for building them. I can say that she is very creative by the way she builds them with care and ease. Last weekend, she built a block as tall as her! Here’s the proof: 🙂

Hell yeah! My little peanut now joins words and talks in sentences. And I believe she’s gonna turn talkative soon. Coz, by the end of the day when we settle on our couch in front of television, she talks to her ‘Achu’ or tries to divert us from the TV and talks to us.

Some of her latest ‘sentences’ are;
1. When I ask her if she wants to eat Rice or Dosai or Pasta – she now says ‘No way amma, N-O! Goooooo’
2. If she see’s her dad’s phone on the couch, she picks it up on her own and says ‘Thanks appa, thank you very much’
3. End of the day, she plays with her paati and jumps on her bed and calls her to play with her ‘Come on paati, come up’, when paati climbs the bed, she jumps down and calls her or rather teases her again by saying ‘come on paati, come on’ 🙂
Needless to say, her grandma, ENJOYS playing with her
4. When I look for mom, if she’s outside the house going for a walk, when I ask Shriya ‘Where is paati’ shriya tells me that ‘Paati walking’

The funny conversation she had with my ‘watch’ was, she took my watch from my cabinet and placed the ‘watch’ on the floor, closed the door and said ‘Bye-Bye watch, see you Monday’ and shut the door. And came running to me saying ‘I want watch’ which I was wondering that I gave to her already. I went along with her to see what she’s upto and noticed she has ‘locked’ the watch 😛 Hehe, it was very funny.

And last evening, while we were out for a walk with our neighbors, she interacted with our neighbor’s kid of her age, saying ‘Aria, come, bumble-bee’ (She was trying to say to Aria that she saw a bumble-bee and wanted to show her the bee) It was cute when Aria ran behind her to the place where she showed her the Bumble-Bee!

And now, dad says that baby-girl is going to be talkative ‘like-her-mom’ 😐 🙂

Last weekend, while me & my mom were busy cooking in the kitchen, my little one came up to us and wanted us to get her attention and all that. I was cleaning the kitchen floors and arranging the cookware in all the cabinets. This little monkey of mine, tried to imitate me, and opened the cabinet door just as I closed it and about to move. She did it with so much force that she hurt my knee and I called out in pain ‘Ayyooo ammma’. Poor thing got scared, and immediately, she touched my knee and softly kissed it and said ‘Sorry Amma, sorry, sorry amma’. Instantly I didnt feel the pain, was touched by my Princess’ action & hugged and showered her with kisses 🙂

I believe Shriya is truly a summer-girl.

She HATES to stay at home. As soon as she comes home from her daycare, she joins her dad in watering the flowers, or mowing the lawn, or applying the mulch.
She throws a fit when we pull her inside the house.
She loves to sit on the steps that lead to our door, watch the Bumble-Bee buzzing on the flowers, waving occassional bye-bye to our neighbors.
She enjoys going for a stroll with her ‘paati’ & ‘amma’
She relaxes in our backyard patio reclining chair, and loves to chat with her friends 🙂

My summer-honey-bunnie-baby!!! Muahhhhhh

Shriya loves, loves, loves this number puzzle that I got for her months ago from $ store. It was just lying in the corner and she didn’t care much for it. But when she started going to daycare, I believe she got used to the numbering, colors and was able to identify this puzzle.

One night, post-dinner-play-time, she started trying to fix this puzzle and was able to finish it with little help from us. Having done it, she took off all the numbers & started doing it again. We were awe-struck by her confidence and wish to do it on her ‘own’ – Again! She didnt stop there,,,she did it atleast 10 times and everytime she finished the puzzle, she got appreciation from us, which she LOVED!

It then grew as a ritual, every night, she will complete the puzzle atleast 10 times. She mastered it within a week!

This video is a treasure for us now!

This video shows my little monster at her peak tantrum stage!!! It was on a Saturday noon time, my husband was at school and me & Shriya had no choice of spending the day together 😛
For no mistake of mine, I had to bend over and say Sorry to her to calm her down 😐